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by:Larm Seminar Program - Presented by SafeMUSE 
When: Sunday 3 March 10:30 & 11:30
Where: Matsal B, Vulkan | Vulkan 20, 0178 Oslo, Norway


Killings, imprisonments, abductions, attacks, persecutions, prosecutions, detainments, censoring…

All around the world artists are censored, persecuted, imprisoned, abducted and even killed for making music and making art. Freemuse makes an annual statistic report and SafeMUSE follow up individual artists and give them a possibility to work in a safe environment.

- Outlining key trends of the Freemuse annual statistics on censorship and attacks on artistic freedom 2017, and a talk around developments in the world situation and the artists needs for advocacy and support actions.

- A conversation between Freemuse Executive Director Dr. Srirak Pliplat and the Project Director of SafeMUSE, Jan Lothe Eriksen.
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In this session we will look closer at how artists can be role models. We will get introduced to three cases:


- Mai Khoi: a national Vietnamese celebrity who took on political and artistic activism.

- Sina Winter: an underground Iranian black metal head now developing his music in Norway.

- Admiral P & Knirckefritt: Zedway - helping the music business in Zambia grow and evolve


Mai Khoi is a Vietnamese pop star, singer and musician. Mai Khoi broke international headlines in 2016 after she became the first Vietnamese celebrity in history to nominate herself for the National Assembly (congress) on a pro-democracy platform. This campaign sparked a nationwide debate about political participation and ultimately led to a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama. Since running for parliament, she has been harassed by the police (with one of her concerts raided) and is effectively banned from singing in Vietnam.


The metal genre does not exist in Iran - officially. And black metal has only one Iranian performer: Sina Winter. Sina has been a SafeMUSE residence artist since January 2014 hosted by the film production company Gammaglimt AS in Orkanger, near Trondheim.

Since arrival in Norway January 2014, he has produced two full length albums with his band with Norwegian musicians. Sina is one of the main characters in a film that has been screened all over the world.


The Zedway Foundation was set up by Admiral P to produce and promote African music, as well as to highlight African music’s influential role in shaping so much of today’s pop. The Foundation also has the task of educating managers, bookers and label talents into the inner workings of the music business. In 2017 the Zedway Foundation ran the seminar ‘Camp Lusaka’ following the model set by Norway’s by:Larm. 

In conversation with Jan Lothe Eriksen (Project Manager of SafeMUSE) and Srirak Plipat (Freemuse Executive Director).

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Presented by SafeMUSE in cooperation with Freemuse


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