Music Freedom Day is established as an annual international day at 3 March to celebrate

freedom of expression and support persecuted and endangered music artists worldwide.

Music Freedom Day was launched by Freemuse in 2007, since then more than 100 partners and collaborators in

36 countries have joined the annual event.

This year we are looking forward to see you in beautiful Harstad, Northern Norway!




SafeMUSE - Safe Music Havens Initiative is an independent non-partisan and non-profit membership association with the main purpose of offering persecuted musical artists and artists at risk a safe place to stay and work with freedom of artistic expression.


This includes close cooperation with hosting organizations (cities, regional authorities, organisations and others), with local and regional musicians and bands/groups, and a network of partners and co-workers for mutual learning, exchange and development.

The objectives of the Harstad event are to:



  • Improve general awareness and understanding of the need for freedom of artistic expression in general and in the music area in particular

  • Highlight and debate issues connected to freedom of artistic expression
    and safe placement of artists at risk

  • Establish and develop an annual professional meeting between actors and partners within the field of music, art, freedom of expression and safe placement

  • Network, share knowledge and ideas of good practice in establishing safe work opportunities for persecuted artists

  • Showcase the work of artists at risk and under persecution

  • Concretize, formalize and expand the network of SafeMUSE associated with music and freedom of expression in the Nordic region and the world at large, and facilitate concrete artistic and practical cooperation between various players in this field

  • Prepare guest musicians for a life as independent professionals

  • Promote the establishment of host environments and residencies, and also safe havens/cities of refuge for persecuted musical artists and artists at risk

  • Based on this first edition of the Harstad Conference on Music and Freedom of Artistic Expression, consider the establishment of an annual international meeting place for music, art and freedom of expression.

More about the organiser

SafeMUSE was established in December 2013 by musicians’ and composers in Norway, and work in close cooperation with Freemuse (the World Forum on Music and Censorship) and musicians’ and composers’ associations. SafeMUSE is based on and supports the universal principles of human rights as they apply to the rights of musical artists, composers, tradition bearers and their music.


SafeMUSE is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MFO (Norwegian Musicians’ Union), NOPA (Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists) and the Norwegian Society of Composers. In addition SafeMUSE has obtained project funding in 2014/2015 from Nordic Culture Point (Nordic Council of Ministers) and Music Norway.


The SafeMUSE Interim Board consists of:

- Tine Tangestuen, chair (CEO, NOPA - Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists)

- Anders Hovind, vice chair (Vice President, MFO - the Norwegian Musicians' Union)

- Erik Nadheim, deputy (Director, the Norwegian National Crime Prevention Council - KRÅD)

- Hans Ole Rian, alternate (President, Norwegian Musicians' Union)

Jan Lothe Eriksen is engaged as project manager for the interim period.


Kjersti Sundland is engaged as independent advisor and producer for the production of Music Freedom Day 2015.  



Music Freedom Day harstad 2015 is presented by SafeMUSE – Safe Music Havens Initiative in collaboration with our partners:

- City of Harstad

- Culture Troms, Troms County Council

- Harstad Concert Hall

- Arts Festival of North Norway

- Freemuse

- HIAP/ Nordic Fresh Air Network


With financial support from

- Nordic Culture Point

- Norwegian Musicians’ Union

- HIAP/ Nordic Fresh Air Network


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