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Freemuse/ Music Freedom Day:

Freemuse: Spotify playlist of banned songs for MFD

March 1 2016

In the lead-up to Music Freedom Day, Freemuse has compiled a playlist of banned songs on Spotify.


Chek it out at Spotify


Harstad Conference on Freedom of Artistic Expression:

“My power is the people!” - Ramy Essam's first year in Malmö

March 1 2016

- According to Ramy Essam, physical safety is not the top priority with regard to aspects that should work in a safe haven residency – after all, many safe haven guests have already jeopardised their safety time and again with their creative work, by being fearless and open to change. Top of the lis...

Look Who's Coming:

Refugees of Rap - Palestinian-Syrian hip hop pioneers

February 29 2016

Paris-based Palestinian-Syrian duo Refugees of Rap, who escaped Yarmouk Camp in the outskirts of Damascus at the height of the civil war with barely their lives, just arrived Harstad for 'Zombies'-project rehearsals with Salome Mc and Voodo Sound Club.


The Hip Hop duo R.O.P. of Yaser and Mohamed Jam...



February 26 2016

Moroccan rapper and activist  Mouad 'El Haqed' Belrhouate left Morocco last autumn, and is now seeking political asylum in Belgium.


SafeMUSE had the pleasure of organizing a short residency for him with the help of Freemuse last April/ May. He completed a one month Nordic round-trip including Helsin...

Look Who's Coming:

Music Freedom Day video: ‘From Zombies to Revolutionaries’

February 24 2016

In the lead-up to the annual international Music Freedom Day on 3 March 2016, Freemuse is presenting the music video for a unique track with a group of today’s most powerful Arab and Iranian revolutionary artists joining together to cover Fela Kuti’s most powerful political song, ‘Zombie’.

“Music i...

Look Who's Coming:

Salome Mc: Another Face of Censorship

February 23 2016

In this essay the Iranian artist Salome Mc, now based in Japan, discusses state imposed censorship in relation to self-imposed censorship in relation to the Western-imposed one-dimensional censorship-cliché  portraying repressed women who stands against the medieval, savage, Middle East anti-women s...

Backdrop at Music Freedom Day Harstad:

Freemuse: Artistic freedom is under extreme pressure

February 22 2016

Today Freemuse published Art Under Threat, the annual statistics on censorship and attacks on artistic freedom in 2015. The comprehensive Statistics to be presented at Music Freedom Day Harstad 2 March by Senior Programme Officer of Freemuse , Magnus Ag.


Censorship and attacks on arti...

Look Who's Coming:

City of Harstad to host more than one musician at a time

February 18 2016

- It must be an objective to extend the scheme for the City of Harstad to include several musicians at the same time who fighting for their lives and for what they believe in..., says City Major Marianne Bremnes.


The City of Harstad was the first city to declare itself a Safe Music Haven in February...

Look Who's Coming:

Marthe Valle & Khaled Harara: “Holyland”

February 17 2016

The media are more polarized than ever. The freedom of expression clashes with religious conviction. We are drowning in information and starving for wisdom. We still obey the old men, and the first offering is the most sacred place we know of - the holy land of childhood…


Meeting Palestinian rapper...

Look Who's Coming

“Kartelle” – sophisticated abduction

February 12 2016

- something that in all simplicity is so sophisticated that you’ll want to try again. A bit like being abducted by aliens and returned to Earth with a vague sensation of having experienced something very special.


Many places on earth art based on traditional expressions have been and still is supres...

Look Who's Coming:

Deeyah Khan: Art is necessary to democracy

February 10 2016

“Art is necessary to democracy,” says music producer, filmmaker & artist Deeyah Khan in this commentary first published by Women News Network in 2014. 


Art is a powerful form of communication which has a unique ability to transcend cultural and linguistic boundaries, an exploration of what it means...

Look Who's Coming:

Music is the Weapon… of the Present!

February 8 2016

Middle East’s Revolutionary Artists meet Fela Anikulapo Kuti

- on stage together for the very first time in Harstad 


One was beaten, one was imprisoned, all have been questioned by the police and most are facing censorship. But their music cannot be stopped.


May last year Freemuse presented a unique...

Music Freedom Day 2016 globally

A powerful, united manifestation

February 5, 2016

This years Music Freedom Day is dedicated to memory the victims of the attack at the Bataclan Club in Paris in november 2015.


It will be a day for everyone fighting for human rights such as the right to perform and listen to music and to do so without any fear.


More at

Music Freedom Day Harstad 2015

Olemic Thommessen's opening speach 2015

March 3 2015

Olemic Thommessen, President of the Storting, the Norwegian Parliament.


Distinguished guests, musicians, artists, dear friends, 


I would like to start by thanking Abazar Hamid for his amazing performance. I’m sure we are all profoundly touched by your brave story. I am so pleased that - after such a...

Music Freedom Day Harstad 2015

March 3 2015

- MFO will continue to help facilitate successful stays both through our national and international networks, nationwide branches, institution and work place representatives and individual members. We will use our creativity to contribute in any way we can alongside the road SafeMUSE will travel, sa...

March 2015

See pictures from the event here


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