Tewa Barnosa 

Hamid Sakhizada & Harpreet Bansal

Abazar Hamid & Knut Reiersrud 

Sunday March 3rd from 17:30

Kulturhuset  /  Youngs gate 6, 0181 Oslo

Free entrance

From The Vastland 

Afterparty 21:00

Rock In  / Grønland 14, 0188 Oslo

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- Libyan artist and curator 

Tewa Barnosa was born in 1998, Originally from the Tamazight villages in Nafusa mountain in Libya, She was born and raised in Tripoli where her interest and passion towards arts has grown largely and noticeably, Barnosa focused on the use of arabic calligraphy as the main elements in her artistic production, starting from paintings to sculptures and digital mediums, She dedicated her artworks to highlighting and addressing topics within the Libyan conflict of identity, language, and roots. as well as socio-political issues concerning immigration, diversity and free artistic expression in post-war situations.

​She doesn’t shy away from the existential passage in which the Libyans find themselves in, addressing the difficult issues pertaining to the current state of political chaos, anarchy and general disorder. In one of her images, for example, she hints at burning petrol and the human cost entangled with its production. In other pieces, she also brings to attention the displacement of the Tawerghas in Libya and refers to the drowning of migrants who are still washing up on the country’s shores.

Growing up in an isolated country like Libya where art was rarely to be seen and acceptable, made her believe in the importance of shifting the power into the minds and hands of youth who are motivated to contribute in reviving the art scene, That's when she founded waraq art foundation in 2015, one of the first independent art spaces that finally opened it's doors to the public, to work actively and closely on supporting emerging artists through curating exhibitions and on site and off site projects, driven by her motivation to shape the future of the art scene in Libya.

 - A meeting between two traditions 

Hamid Sakhizada is a highly acknowledged musician from Afghanistan, specialized in the Hazara traditional music and the instrument dambora. He has a large fan base in Afghanistan and abroad. He has represented Afghanistan in the 2012 ABU Annual Song Contest, the Asian version of Eurovision Song Contest. He has had several appearances on Afghan television, especially after 2008 when he came second in the Afghan Star, the equivalent to Idol song contest. He has performed in several countries, as well as having produced three albums.​

He has given traditional Hazara music a more popular appeal, but this has brought unwanted attention from groups who oppose minority Hazara culture, as well as religious traditionalists. He has been subject to a steady campaign of threats and harassment. 


After several serious incidents Hamid was forced to leave Afghanistan. In 2016 he came as guest musician to Safe Music Haven Harstad, where he still lives and continues to perform his music and keep Hazara tradition alive. 

W.M.D.F (25)_edited.jpg

Harpreet Bansal was trained in the North Indian classical tradition from her earliest childhood by her father and first guru, Harbhajan Singh Bansal. She went on to complete a bachelor's degree in Western classical violin at the Norwegian State Academy of Music. She later became the first student to qualify for a Master's degree in Indian music at the same institution, under the tuition of renowned sitarist Ustad Ashraf Sharif Khan Poonchwala. She has also studied intensively with the great Indian virtuoso of the violin, Dr. L. Subramaniam.

Bansal has worked extensively both as soloist, ensemble leader and ensemble musician in a wide range of styles, collaborating with performers like Javid Afsari Rad, Sukhvinder Singh Namdhari, Bugge Wesseltoft, Nils-Olav Johansen, Trygve Seim, Svante Henryson, Unni Løvlid, Rolf-Erik Nystrøm a.o. She is the leader of Bansal Trio/Bansal Band, and member of Rumi Ensemble and Combonations. She has given solo concerts in England, India, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Canada, Taiwan, Poland a.o.

 - Sudanese blues for peace 

Abazar Hamid grew up in the cultural belt between Sudan and the Gulf, and his music is both rooted in traditional Sudanese and African music characteristic of the Gulf area, and heavily inspired by reggae and Afro-Latin music. Abazar Hamid’s songs dare subjects ranging from peace, friendship and unity to genocide, the loss of loved ones and songs of lament over entire towns wrecked by the Sudanese government. ​


Abazar arrived in Harstad on 10 December 2014 as the first ICORN musician to be hosted by the city. Since his arrival in Norway he continued his work with music, amongst them the Orpheus project. In February 2019 he released the EP “We Need Peace” - produced by guitarist Knut Reiersrud. 


Knut Reiersrud (born 12 February 1961 in Oslo, Norway) is a Norwegian blues guitarist. His work also incorporates elements of Norwegian traditional music and African music. Reiersrud has recorded and played with David Lindley, the Blind Boys Of Alabama, Rickie Lee Jones and Nina Hagen. He has also numerous collaborations with Middle East performers like Rim Banna and Mahsa Vahdat. He lives in Oslo. He has collaborated extensively with the Norwegian organist Iver Kleive. He is lead guitarist and one of the original members of Cloudberry Cream.

Afterparty at Rock In:
 - Black metal from Iran  

From The Vastland is a black metal band from Norway (started out in Iran in 2010) and up to now has released 4 Full length albums and one EP (especially for the Norwegian documentary film "BLACKHEARTS" where band leader Sina is one of the main characters in the film). The band was nominated for the global metal band at metal hammer golden gods award 2014. They have played at festivals like Inferno metal festival, Midgardsblot, Trondheim Metal Fest  and held several concerts in different cities all  over Norway - that has brought  attention from magazines and websites like Metal Hammer (UK, Norway and Italy), Norway Rock Magazine, No Clean Singing, Metal Injection. They have released albums through Indie Recordings, Non Serviam Records and Imortal Frost Production. Their new album was released at Satanath Records in October 2018. 


Band Members:
Sina - Guitar, Vocals
Tjalve - Bass (Den Saakaldte/ Ex-1349)
Spektre - Drums (Gaahlswyrd/Horizon Ablaze/Harm) Destructhor - Guitar (Myrkskog/Ex-Morbid Angel, Zyklon)